kursus kahwen..

salam and good morning all~
one of the requirement utk bernikah sekarang is to have kursus kahwin certificate
tapi biler tanyer mak abah diorang xyah pi pon..
bahagier jer sampei la nih
huuhu, tapi xderla yeye nak protest sangat
pasal dah pegi dah pon ngan tunang tercinter~

actually this is my second time
i've attended the course last year wif my ex (yang dah kahwin tu)
but since encik tunang mintak teman
i said why not
to gain some more knowledge (cewah2~)
but i then i forgottten how the course can be sooooooooo boringgg
it actually depends on the speaker
some of them are plain, wif monotonous voice
adoi ai
tapi kene dengar gak lah, since encik tunang ader kat blakang so kene behave

but actually i found some of the speakers were good at it
they inserted jokes, songs, stories to keep us alert
sebenarnyer course nih nyer silibus bknnyer mendalam sangat
it is only an introduction to marriage gitew

this is a picture of us g honeymoon
eh bukan2 baru nak g kursus kahwen~


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