Its monday guys

Alhamdulillah..its already Monday

My weekend was spent all at home

U guys wanna know why?

because... I suffered from gastrik

Sob sob..its so painful i bet u dont even want to know how it feel..

Saket gile wooooo

But the humor part of it is everybody suspecting of me being pregnant..ngee

Of cos la kan

If you want to know these are the simptoms if you have gastric:

1. stomach ache- of cos la kan..but we tend to  bongok bongkok kan our body since its too painful.. (am not exaggerating)

2. Muntah- especially those with angin satu badan..konfem muntahhhh sajork.this is where ur hb and family will marah when u refuse to eat..i cant eat lah..nanti muntah u know..aiyooo

Can i just give 2?  hahaa..gtg..daa guyss

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