menabung small2 money~

hye all..lame i xupdate this blog, why is dat?? coz i xpegi opis laa..bkn psl ponteng ok, but suppose i had an interview but unfortunately i found it is not not worth it to go for bro in law said "ntah paper ntah ngko nih" ..hahaha its dat i dont want to go, but the risk dat i have to face make me to consider not to go..omg,my english also getting tuuuuuuuuttt laaa..yesterday nite i cant sleep (which is so not me) and i end up kemas my hanbag (the one my mum called my almari baju since i put all my stuff there, of coz la dats my henbeg rite??haha).. and then i realised dat i dah lame sgt xmenabung..hahaa..act i got lots of tabung here and there, before this my fav is a tabung bentuk cendawan and very2 cute (bought it @ chow kit) but i gave it to my bro (nak simpan duit ler tuh) so now i jz use one tabung which is my ex boyfren gave to me last year, but made by his sepupu laa.. and my intention is to save money as much as possible of coz la to menampung my expenses ..(and also for a primavera that i've ushaed @mid)  ngeh2.. i likeeeeeeeeee...


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